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HayLoft is all about helping our neighbors take the best possible care of their animals. We work hard every day to make our products affordable and provide the level of care and quality that we expect for our own beloved pets.

HayLoft Happenins’ Newsletter!

Spring is a wonderful time to air out the chicken coop and give it a good cleaning. Since springtime can be a damp time, check for any areas that may be drafty or where moisture could build up. In our rainy climate, you may notice that your chicken run can become extra muddy during the spring. Adding a new layer of sand can help mitigate some of the muddy conditions and increase soil drainage. 

We are proud to supply Dunnellon, Ocala and western Marion County with high quality hay and feed at affordable prices.


This is only the beginning!

As we grow, we envision HayLoft becoming Dunnellon’s favorite general store. Our offerings will expand to include interesting finds in addition to farm essentials.

We hope to develop our property so that it will become a resource for families and local groups in our community. We also desire to become a marketplace for local artisans, craftsman, and consignors to peddle their wares.

Most importantly, we want to grow to be a place where our neighbors always know they are welcomed friends.

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